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Gray Cart with Red WheelKrisha KozakPeters SchoolStuhr Main StreetStillWagon at DepotBarber PoleBlack SmithSwingWells Fargo DeskWagon Wheel & Gravel

The Stuhr Museum is a museum in my hometown of Grand Island,┬áNebraska. It is a wonderful place dedicated to demonstrating the history and culture of the central plains region. Along with a main building designed by Edward Durrell Stone, the museum has over 200 acres of outdoor exhibits recreating a railroad town of the 1890’s.

After a couple of years of photography as a hobby, I became interested in large format Black and White photographs. This form of photography is much more demanding of mastery of technique. The Stuhr Museum became an ideal place for me to use as my testing grounds. I could make a photograph at the museum, go home and process and print the film, and then decide where the photograph was lacking. I could then return to the museum and make the photograph that I wanted to make the first time.

Over the years I have made a lot of personally satisfying photographs at the Stuhr Museum. I know the museum grounds so well that it is rare that I visit and not come home with a good photo.

Visit the Stuhr Museum web site.

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