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My First HDR Photograph

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Platte River from South LocustThis was my first attempt at an HDR photograph.  HDR stands for “High Dynamic Range”,  meaning an image that has more dynamic range or detail than an normal photograph.  I had been reading about this technique and my opportunity to give it a try came one day on a trip home from Lincoln.  All of the way home the sky was just amazing but traveling down the Interstate does not offer many chances at making a photo.  I pulled off near the Grand Island exit and stopped at the first Platte River bridge.  HDR photos take several different exposures and blend them together to show more detail.  Some people use this technique and make images that look more like a drawing or painting.  My goal was to make an image that looks like a detailed photograph.  I made several images with sun at my back,  facing the east, thinking that would make the best image.  Then I turned around and made one set of exposures facing into the sun.  This is the image that resulted.  I use this technique often in my photography today.

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