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My First Digital Photograph

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Door, <a href=This was the first “Art” photograph that I made with a digital camera.  Myself and two friends were taking a road trip or “cruising for pics” north of Grand Island.  One of these friends lent me a Nikon D2X.  I really did not know how to approach photography with a digital camera.  I was using my favorite film camera lens, a Nikon 35-135.  The camera, I am sure, picked the exposure for me and I did not bracket my exposure.  We found an abandoned house near Scotia and saw a man in a field near there and asked permission to go inside and make photographs.  Being a large format photographer, I had my tripod with me.  Of the dozen or so OK images I made that day, this was the most successful.  I still use my large format film camera occasionally  but most of my images today are made with a digital camera.  My approach to exposure has changed a great deal since this first exposure but I still like looking at this image.

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